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Should you as a business selling to other business outsource lead generation?

An Outsourced prospecting team is trained to meet your requirements, area of business and lead targets. Outsourced agencies have specialized resources for the task. The industry changes daily, things that were innovative 6 months ago are outdated today so unless you've got a team that's managing at that level the concept of outsourcing the entire process just makes sense.



An effective sales team is critical to the success of your company if you want a predictable, repeatable, and scalable sales engine. Outsourcing your sales research & development teams can be a great way to augment and grow your organization.

Target New Markets

An Outsourced Prospecting Team will have the required bandwidth to research the geographies that are best suited to your organizations’ products or solutions and get you the right leads to accelerate your pipeline

Importance on Research

Research is an unmissable aspect of a Lead Generation Campaign. Researching and gathering data is one of the most time-consuming tasks for Sales Executives when they could be focusing on important and achievable tasks

Speed to Market

An Outsourced Prospecting Team can speed to market and get geared to execute your Lead Generation Campaign. Whereas, an internal team often works on multiple projects and don’t have enough free man-hours.

Gaining Expertise

With an Outsourced Prospecting Team, it is easier to gain insights into what is working vs. what is not. Instead, your organization will learn significantly about your target market works, strategic campaigns that give higher results and insights about prospects.

Lowering the Cost of Sales

Hiring an Internal Sales Team is extremely costly and time-consuming. Whereas, when you have an Outsourced Prospecting Team onboard, you eliminate the cost and time used for hiring, training, salaries, retention and more.

Top quality Contact Discovery service

With over 10 years experience, our team of researchers can provide any additional information you may require on your prospect. You will be able to find the right contacts and their accurate and precise data and can always be one step ahead of the competition.


Lead generation is a science and its success depends on how can we add value to and growth depend on understanding your customers better, build relationships and offer solutions they need.


We dive into your business and create Value Proposition and Ideal Customer Profile. Our team will spend time understanding your product, your target segments & buyer personas.


Pairing seasoned data Researchers with smart tools & utilizing in-house  database, we identify thousand of potential Clients per week


We set up a targeted campaign to touch Clients via email or LinkedIn using personalized message. You will only need to convert highly interested warm leads.


You will obtain hot leads and sales meetings daily. But we don’t stop improving and optimizing our smart outreach. Your Sales Journey starts here.


This exercise typically involves you hiring an external agency to prospect for you. These companies usually have an in depth discussion around your target market, value proposition and will co-create collateral like email templates, call scripts etc. They will then, on your behalf, reach out to your prospective clients either over emails, messages or phone calls. Typically at a pre decided time in the sales funnel these leads would be transferred to your internal teams to take it forward.

One of the most important benefits of outsourcing is reducing overhead costs and saving time. Setting up, training and managing an effective inside sales team requires considerable skill, experience and time. Moreover attrition and managing productivity in an inside sales team can be a challenge in a young organisation. Unless you have such skill & bandwidth internally, it might be wise to outsource lead generation to an external agency with the requisite expertise.

Contact Discovery is finding the right person within an organization who is responsible for taking decisions that will affect the buying of your products and services. You will be able to find the right contacts and their accurate and precise data, helping you stay ahead of the competition

In today’s business scenario, managing successfully B2B Data Matching for prospect customers can be a challenge even the most capable organizations. From end-to-end prospects database management to customized Data Matching and Data Maintenance, we have boost-up knowledge and skills required to deliver successful B2B Data Services.


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