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We are a data driven marketing solution provider with top focus on technology user information catering 12,000+ technologies. We are one stop shop for all your marketing requirements. We help businesses connect to their audience through an extremely precise and most effective way. Our services include email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, data as a service and many more.

We have most comprehensive installed technologies database that has helped us and our clients to achieve highest service excellence. Our focus is to improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns with highly accurate database to ensure more revenue. Our list management and list building strategies deliver significant customer growth for national and global companies. We acquire data through in-depth research that are regularly updated to maintain accuracy and freshness. We have a team of over 300 employees who engage in verifying, updating and validating out master database. With the help of our team we are worlds one of the largest data aggregators and maintain more than 150 million b2b contacts.

Why Customers Loves us

A sophisticated database of tech install accounts gives you an access to data at microscopic level where applying filters as per your specifications.

Our data mining technology ensures that pre-existing databases are consistently updated with new information to ensure that our clients always get what the pay for.

All our datasets are geared with a complete range of info about your target clients. From their contact name to their presence on social media channels we have got it all covered.

Our dedicated 24x7 customer support team ensures that none of your queries go unanswered & we are there always whenever you lookout for our assistance.


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